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Our Wedding: 8.27.16

It’s been six months since this day happened. It was a perfect day. Everyone says that but if you could dial up the perfect weather (70ish, sunny, no wind) and have everything go so smoothly, then yes, it really was perfect. Loved having so many friends and family in one place – people that traveled hours and hours and some that even flew in. Such a warm and fuzzy feeling being surrounded by everyone we love. AND, in such a beautiful place. Sylvan Lake is magic, and it was soView full post »

One Year of Engagement

One year ago today, Marc and I got engaged. I still can’t believe how ordinary that day seemed until I saw my favorite person ever kneel down on one knee with a big smile on his face. We had been looking at a new place for Marc to rent, we ate at Ruby Tuesdays, I got poisoned (glutened), the weather was freakishly nice for a March day in South Dakota, and we drove around the hills planning on going for a hike. So ordinary (minus the glutening, but at that point in my life, that wasView full post »

My Wedding: Engagement Photos

I had so much fun spending time with my guy during this shoot by Jessica Simons Photography. We chose to do our engagement photos at the Stratobowl – a trail close to Rapid City with beautiful views of the Black Hills. We also got lucky enough to have near 80-degree weather in the middle of October. I also had so much fun being on the other side of the camera. It boosts my confidence in shooting knowing what’s like being the subject of the shoot.View full post »

My Wedding: Save the Date + Happy New Year

We originally weren’t going to do a save the date card, but after so many people continued to ask when our wedding date was, we decided it was necessary to print and allow people to put it up on their refrigerator. So we combined our save the date with a Happy New Year card (since we were so late in sending them out). Since I love lists, we shared snippets of our favorite moments from 2015. The cards have a rose gold foil on one side on felt paper mailed in a kraft-colored envelope. BeingView full post »

My Wedding: Centerpiece Inspiration

Branches. Burlap. Wood. Candles. Oh my. Since we are getting married at the beautiful Sylvan Lake in the Black Hills, we naturally had to go with a more rustic theme for our centerpieces. The venue is already so beautiful that there really doesn’t need to be anything extravagant done to spruce the place up. When I initially priced for flowers and centerpieces, I was knocked over by the price tag. As I recovered from sticker shock, I decided to do my own centerpieces. Will this be moreView full post »

My Work: Amanda & Peter’s Wedding Designs

I had a blast designing my sister and Pete’s wedding things this past summer. Her wedding was in the fall, her color was Marsala, and she was open to pretty much whatever I wanted to design. I used Miller’s Lab to print everything and I LOVE THEM! I’ve been using them for years for my photography business and their products are awesome and the delivery speed is unreal. We created a standard 5×7 wedding invitation, an RSVP postcard, a Directions & Details bookmarkView full post »

My Wedding: Bridesmaid Dress Inspiration

Oh man. So glad my bridesmaids love me because I think they wanted to throw me over a cliff with all the bridesmaid options I sent their way. Like my wedding dress choice, I flipped back and forth on styles like a mad person. Short. Long. Chiffon. Lace. Beaded. Strapless. V-neck. Capsleeve. You name it, I considered. I have the hardest time making decisions. I have an even harder time making big decisions when 1. it’s a huge decision (aka a wedding dress) and 2. it’s for someoneView full post »

3 Things No One Tells You About Wearing An Engagement Ring

I’ve been wearing my absolutely stunning rock of a ring for over 8 months now, and it still “gets me” every day. I catch myself glancing down at it and smiling, feeling so lucky to have someone choose me and show me their love with this beautiful ring. It’s a wonderful reminder of a commitment someone has made to you. It’s beautiful, and fun to wear, for sure, but no one tells you about the little things you run into when wearing an engagement ring. 1.View full post »

My Wedding: Flower Inspiration

I hear from everyone who was married before the Era of Pinterest (which was only five years ago), that they wish they could do their wedding over. Just because of Pinterest. Oh, the power of inspiration. And the fun. Being an incredibly visual person (which I didn’t realize until I had to try on wedding dresses – that’s a whole other story), Pinterest is a lifesaver to people like me who need to see the end product before they can fully commit. When I’m spending hundredsView full post »