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Make-up & Masks

Tomorrow is Halloween. The last day of the month. October will be gone for another year. Masks and makeup will cover the faces of so many around the country. Dressing up, pretending to be someone else, something else, anything else. We laugh and scare. We’re clever and creepy. We’re different from what we were the day before. With masks and makeup, although hiding our true identity, we are able to reveal a piece of us that we usually hide without a coverup. We are free fromView full post »

Choosing Joy

There are days when I struggle with being happy. I think a lot of us have those days. There may or may not be a reason. We may or may not have a right to be sad. We may just feel this overwhelming weight sitting upon us that we can’t, no matter what, seem to lift. I’ve been there. I think some of you probably have too. As I’ve battled these days over the past few years, I’ve found that choosing happiness and choosing joy is a decision, a mental choice. My heart and soulView full post »

Burn Your Bridges

A wise person once told me, “You should interview at least once a year. It keeps your interview skills up to date and allows you to discover new and some times better opportunities.” I recently took that advice. After years of thinking I would be at Meta forever and having no initial intention of actually leaving, I’ve burned that bridge and set forth on a new opportunity, one I am super excited about. Whether you take that advice or not, it’s an intriguing concept andView full post »

The Idol of Ambition

My Photography Business Testimony The moment of truth. The recognition of the Idol of Ambition. One of the reasons I chose to back away from my photography endeavors with Cache Vie, was to slow down and appreciate life. Appreciate relationships. Appreciate small moments. To create things for myself. To design more. To shoot differently. To bring art and joy back into the equation. To watch a movie and not feel guilty about not getting some editing done. To read a book. For fun. I found myselfView full post »

Black Hills: Mt. Rushmore

“Too little of it lasts into tomorrow and tomorrow is strangely the enemy of today, as today has already begun to forget buried yesterday. Each succeeding civilization forgets its predecessor, and out of its body builds its homes, its temples. Civilizations are ghouls. Egypt was pulled apart by its successor; Greece was divided among the Romans; Rome was pulled to pieces by bigotry and bitterness much of which was engendered its own empire building. “I want, somewhere inView full post »


As we drove through fall-flecked Spearfish Canyon, and then proceeded to climb out of the car and walk away from civilization and into the mysterious, untouched world that is nature, I found myself unprepared for the adventure. Worn out flats on a rocky, dirt-covered path with highly unreliable grip on the undersides made for a carefully-footed journey. I did not realized how unprepared I was for this hike until after I returned home. Why? Because the beauty of nature, and the presenceView full post »