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Fav Finds: Office Backdrops

1 // 2  //  3 I want to redo my office. Buy a new desk. Paint my old beat-up desk. Paint a wall. Add some pretty things. Clean up the clutter. Sprinkle it with charm. Ladies, you know the drill. I was browsing pinterest and Apartment Therapy last night look at ideas and themes. Any spiffy suggestions for home offices you’ve come across lately?View full post »

Personalized Backdrops

Umm. Guys. I just found the find of all finds for those in the photography biz. I’m not even shooting anymore, and I am super jacked about this discovery. We all know how hard it is to find decent backdrops, especially modern ones. No one wants the marbled grey look anymore. They just don’t. Well, today I stumbled upon a personalized backdrop option. Brought to you by the one and only, always fabulous Minted, of course.  I know, right. Gasp. The stars have aligned. The moment hasView full post »

How to Support Your Friends’ Side Projects

In a survey released by Bentley University, almost two-thirds [of millennials] (67%) said their goal involves starting their own business. If you think about your friends, classmates, co-workers and siblings, consider how many of these people have started their own business or are involved in a side business outside of a regular, full-time job. Band members. Fitness instructors. Jewelry creators. Photographers. Artists. Boutique owners. I can name a dozen people without even digging that deepView full post »

Valentine’s Day Challenge

Hey love birds! I’ve always wanted to be more involved with the fun of Valentine’s Day, but honestly, the holiday sneaks up on my every year, I panic about what to get my guy for a gift and then swoosh, the day is gone. I feel like I am going to be a mom-failure because I forget to celebrate so many little things. Uhh, working on that. So, this year, I’m involving anyone who wants to listen to take part in my Valentine’s Day Challenge. I wanted it to be easy to IView full post »

My Work: Amanda & Peter’s Wedding Designs

I had a blast designing my sister and Pete’s wedding things this past summer. Her wedding was in the fall, her color was Marsala, and she was open to pretty much whatever I wanted to design. I used Miller’s Lab to print everything and I LOVE THEM! I’ve been using them for years for my photography business and their products are awesome and the delivery speed is unreal. We created a standard 5×7 wedding invitation, an RSVP postcard, a Directions & Details bookmarkView full post »

Pretty Christmas Wrapping

I see these beautiful wrapping jobs on Pinterest (thanks a lot Pinterest) and feel slightly guilty for hastily buying $1 gift bags and tissue paper at Walmart and throwing my presents in to them, just to get it done. It’s amazing to me how some people put so much intention into everything they do. What if we all took a little more time, to do things with a little more magic? If not for others, then to take time to bring more magic into our own lives. #nextyearsgoals 1 // 2 // 3 // 4View full post »

Christmas Newsletter Card

There were such cute Christmas newsletter ideas floating around Pinterest a few years ago that I decided to make one of my own. Being a single girl, a fan of lists, and no fantastic imagery of myself and my pup, I concocted this little design up to send to my close friends, letting them know what I had been up to all year. I love staying in touch with friends from high school and always try to check in once in a while with them.  View full post »

Sweet Art Show Fundraising Event Branding

For the first ever JAM Art and Supplies Sweet Art Show Fundraising Event, I was lucky enough to get to design the pieces for the show. Bringing in a little sweetness as well as keeping our black, white and kraft brand “look” in place, the pieces were used to raise money, show off sponsors, promote the show, and give insight as to what JAM is all about. This fundraising event, complete with a sundae bar, snacks, giveaways, a DJ and more, was a huge part of propelling JAM throughoutView full post »

My Work: Days of June CD Art

I was asked to make this CD cover art by my previous boss for his band, Days of June. The band plays locally around Sioux Falls, and they put together a demo CD and wanted some nice cover art to go with it. I decided a while ago that it is important to support people’s passion projects – their side gigs – the things that make them tick outside of work and outside of what’s expected of them. I decided that I’ve had so much support in my life that it would beView full post »