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Little Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Because I felt like browsing Pinterest recently, I put together some of my favorite finds for making little Valentine’s Day gifts for someone special in your life.

  • Put it in a jar. Jack and Coke. Coffee beans. Pancake Mix. Way cute ideas.
  • An easy DIY card. For all your handy peeps out there, this DIY looks easy enough for even me to create. PS if you love crafts, this site is uber cute.
  • Put it in his wallet. Whether you surprise him with a new wallet or just create little cards to slip in there, design them with little love notes, or make them into coupons such as “good for one free lunch date.” Be creative. And personal. Love this idea!
  • String Art Heart. String Art is all the rage. Sort of like how melted crayons were all the rage a few years ago.
  • Do something awesome with your photos. You could make it a tradition to do create a photo keepsake every year.