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kathryn farritorMy name is Katie Zautke

I am a full-time graphic designer, part-time photography dabbler, recent digital marketing nerd, and occasional blogger. I wanted a place to document (and remember) adventures and life’s moments.

I have a little toy fox terrier named Sammi. She’s my little happy place. I’m recently married to my wonderful guy, MarcCharles, and have re-planted myself in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

I am a faith-based girl and willingly share my values and ideals on life. More than anything, I want to be a positive influence on those around me and hope my creative talents can lead me along the right path.


10 Random Facts:

  • I like to run and lift. I feel like a day in front of the computer is best balanced by some physical movement. I have serious doubts that I’ll ever run anything extraordinarily impressive because I have exercise-induced asthma, shin splints and recently discovered I have not one, but two plica (one of them has been surgically removed). What’s a plica? Google it. Waaah.
  • I went to three different colleges before I figured out where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. Mom and Dad weren’t impressed.
  • I had a photography business for four years. Then I gave it up. For good reason.
  • I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in March 2015. Gluten-free is now my life.
  • My two favorite sports are basketball and volleyball with a new appreciation for hockey.
  • I’m recently obsessed with country music. And I secretly can’t stop listening to Taylor Swift’s Red album. And now 1989 album. And now Reputation album. Not ashamed.
  • I love cheerios. Plain, boring, delicious cheerios (which are now gluten-free – Praise the Lord!)
  • I got my first pair of glasses when I was four. I got my first pair of contacts when I was 15. I now hate glasses and never wear them in public.
  • I always look mad. I’m never actually mad. Pretty sure I just think really hard and observe everything to its core so it looks like I’m staring you down.
  • I started an apparel shop called Westward Wandering Co., featuring apparel for the Black Hills lover. See my little side project!

In the meantime, enjoy the random posts. Thank you for visiting my blog. I greatly value feedback, comments, messages, suggestions, high fives, and good conversations. Let’s chat.

Much love,

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