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Things I Love: Something Bigger Than Yourself

They said the Grand Canyon is amazing. They said it is incredible. They said it is unreal. When something is bigger than yourself, when our brains detach from our computers and smartphones, and we realize how small we really are, that is the moment we realize that there will always be something bigger than ourselves out there, something more than our man-made world can ever compete with. This is the moment our computers and smartphones will never be able to provide for us. This is the momentView full post »

Things I Love: A Rainy Day

staying warm and cozy inside how green the grass is after a good rain open windows and the sound of rain the smell of rainView full post »

Addictions Lately

drinking: lots of water. and a little dark chocolate almond milk once in a while eating: very plain, very healthy foods reading: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn looking: a food spiraler needing: more time in a day wanting: warmer weather enjoying: Modern Family (love that show lately – hits the funny spot for me) trying: to create more and think less wishing: for my next vacation to come sooner making: a new online portfolio / business page dreaming: of a vacation to Europe, aView full post »

Things I Love: a cold beer on a hot day

There’s nothing like an ice cold drink to cool you from the inside out on an incredible hot day. Cheers to a fabulous summer coming to a close.View full post »

Things I Love: hot summer nights

conversations on the deck a cold drink grill-outs and bonfires ice cream lemonade sandals and skirts star-gazing live music and downtown shenanigans suntans and sunburns and sunglasses what else are you loving this summer?View full post »


Weekend nonsense: naps + reading + movies shopping + olive garden date get your sexy back + girls night out + my realtor is awesome champagne + fancy cheeses + candy bar park + puppy hangouts maybe a sunburn? + here’s to hoping new dress + new welcome mat graduation party + family timeView full post »

Addictions Lately

The temperature outside is so cold it hurts. Scarves, boots, sweaters, gloves, heated blankets, candles and warm drinks fill the days in order to battle off this ridiculously cold weather. Not a fan. Not going to lie about it. Despite the dreariness and grey skies of the season, my addictions cycle through just as the seasons. Here is a small list of my current addictions and daily habits lately for bringing in this freezing time of the year: drinking: hazelnut macchiatos, hot apple cider,View full post »

Things I Love: Knowing you don’t need wings to fly

It may be hard for an egg to turn into a bird: It would be jolly sight harder for it to learn to fly while remaining an egg. We are like eggs at present. And you cannot go on indefinitely being just an ordinary, decent egg. We must be hatched or go bad. -C.S. Lewis- So fly.View full post »