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Our Wedding: 8.27.16

It’s been six months since this day happened. It was a perfect day. Everyone says that but if you could dial up the perfect weather (70ish, sunny, no wind) and have everything go so smoothly, then yes, it really was perfect. Loved having so many friends and family in one place – people that traveled hours and hours and some that even flew in. Such a warm and fuzzy feeling being surrounded by everyone we love. AND, in such a beautiful place. Sylvan Lake is magic, and it was soView full post »

Make-up & Masks

Tomorrow is Halloween. The last day of the month. October will be gone for another year. Masks and makeup will cover the faces of so many around the country. Dressing up, pretending to be someone else, something else, anything else. We laugh and scare. We’re clever and creepy. We’re different from what we were the day before. With masks and makeup, although hiding our true identity, we are able to reveal a piece of us that we usually hide without a coverup. We are free fromView full post »

How to Support Your Friends’ Side Projects

In a survey released by Bentley University, almost two-thirds [of millennials] (67%) said their goal involves starting their own business. If you think about your friends, classmates, co-workers and siblings, consider how many of these people have started their own business or are involved in a side business outside of a regular, full-time job. Band members. Fitness instructors. Jewelry creators. Photographers. Artists. Boutique owners. I can name a dozen people without even digging that deepView full post »

Becoming Minimalist

I stumbled upon a blog recently that’s easily becoming one of my favorite reads. Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it. It requires a conscious decision because it is a counter-cultural lifestyle that stands against the culture of over-consumption that surrounds us. Man, I love that. I think I just adopted a new life manta. So many wonderful words in there. Intentional. Promotion. Value. Removal.View full post »

Choosing Joy

There are days when I struggle with being happy. I think a lot of us have those days. There may or may not be a reason. We may or may not have a right to be sad. We may just feel this overwhelming weight sitting upon us that we can’t, no matter what, seem to lift. I’ve been there. I think some of you probably have too. As I’ve battled these days over the past few years, I’ve found that choosing happiness and choosing joy is a decision, a mental choice. My heart and soulView full post »

One Year of Engagement

One year ago today, Marc and I got engaged. I still can’t believe how ordinary that day seemed until I saw my favorite person ever kneel down on one knee with a big smile on his face. We had been looking at a new place for Marc to rent, we ate at Ruby Tuesdays, I got poisoned (glutened), the weather was freakishly nice for a March day in South Dakota, and we drove around the hills planning on going for a hike. So ordinary (minus the glutening, but at that point in my life, that wasView full post »

My Tips for Working at Home

If you ever have the change to work from home, or be your own manager, here are my tips for staying productive on your own account. Shower every morning. Even if you put sweatpants back on, make sure you shower. It wakes you up, gets you going, and is just downright healthy. Stick to a schedule. Don’t mingle your work hours with your getting ready hours or your eating lunch hours. Set schedules and stick to them. Eat breakfast before work. Take a lunch break, even if it’s short.View full post »

My Wedding: Engagement Photos

I had so much fun spending time with my guy during this shoot by Jessica Simons Photography. We chose to do our engagement photos at the Stratobowl – a trail close to Rapid City with beautiful views of the Black Hills. We also got lucky enough to have near 80-degree weather in the middle of October. I also had so much fun being on the other side of the camera. It boosts my confidence in shooting knowing what’s like being the subject of the shoot.View full post »

Valentine’s Day Challenge

Hey love birds! I’ve always wanted to be more involved with the fun of Valentine’s Day, but honestly, the holiday sneaks up on my every year, I panic about what to get my guy for a gift and then swoosh, the day is gone. I feel like I am going to be a mom-failure because I forget to celebrate so many little things. Uhh, working on that. So, this year, I’m involving anyone who wants to listen to take part in my Valentine’s Day Challenge. I wanted it to be easy to IView full post »