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How to Support Your Friends’ Side Projects

art by carly

In a survey released by Bentley University, almost two-thirds [of millennials] (67%) said their goal involves starting their own business.

If you think about your friends, classmates, co-workers and siblings, consider how many of these people have started their own business or are involved in a side business outside of a regular, full-time job. Band members. Fitness instructors. Jewelry creators. Photographers. Artists. Boutique owners. I can name a dozen people without even digging that deep outside of my friend circle. Everyone these days is getting crafty and putting themselves out there to create a life built on their passions. My question to you is… are you supporting it?

Being a serial entrepreneur myself (if you can call my side projects that), I know how important it is to have family and friend support at the beginning and throughout the life of my business. We rely on that support when we are questioning ourselves, needing encouragement and wandering through the lost channels of self-doubt during the many valleys of our business adventure.

In my goal to live a more purpose-filled life, and to make a greater impact on those placed directly in our lives, I put together this somewhat obvious list of things you can (and should) be doing to support your friends’ side projects and businesses:

  1. Support their efforts on social media. It’s so easy to like, comment, encourage, share, invite and rate things on social media platforms. But you already knew that. So why aren’t you doing it? With the algorithms associated with social media these days, every one of those little efforts counts to someone just starting out. It’s also free. So you have no excuse to endorse your friend’s project or business whenever you can.
  2. Attend their events. Open houses. Live shows. Craft parties. Fundraising extravaganzas. You don’t have to have money to physically show support of something.
  3. Buy things from them. Books. CDs. Paintings. Pottery. Photography sessions. Handmade jewelry. Get the warm fuzzies knowing you helped out a friend on something you probably would have purchased anyway. So instead of handing your money to a retail store or a stranger, opt to give it to a friend.
  4. Share your talents. Are you a designer? A copywriter? A bass player? A manager with 10-years of business expertise? Offer whatever skills you have to help further their cause.
  5. Send them a nice message. Encouragement. Excitement. Love. Constructive feedback. It’s always nice to hear from someone off the grid of the typical social media likes and shares. Personal messages are never forgotten.

So my challenge to you is this – do two of the above items today, and really, truly show your support of someone and their passion.


The wonderful painted piece in my header image is by my friend Carly. Her new store has prints, original works, coffee mugs, ridiculously cute pillows and tees. Visit her website at: