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Becoming Minimalist

I stumbled upon a blog recently that’s easily becoming one of my favorite reads.

Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it. It requires a conscious decision because it is a counter-cultural lifestyle that stands against the culture of over-consumption that surrounds us.

Man, I love that. I think I just adopted a new life manta.

So many wonderful words in there. Intentional. Promotion. Value. Removal. Conscious. Decision. Lifestyle. Culture.

The key word that sticks out to me is lifestyle. When you make an adjustment to a new kind of lifestyle (working out, eating healthy, diets, etc) it takes time. It takes baby steps. There will be set backs and failures and victories and accomplishments. There’s a push and pull type of force that happens when you are teaching yourself to live differently than what you are used to. It’s a slow process. I really love the idea of becoming minimalist, but I definately don’t see myself selling all of my possessions and living in a hipster van in the woods.

I desperately want to remove clutter in my life in 2016. I want to clean up the way my thoughts spin through my head, the things that I buy and the things that I keep, and most importantly, the way I spend my time. Living in a tiny little house with my fiance has forced us to de-clutter our lives a little bit, simply because there is literally no more room (anywhere), but I want to continue to de-clutter my life in other ways as well.

  • I want to spend more time with people. And stop being a hermit.
  • I want to eat real foods. Less processed food. Except chocolate. Must. Have. Chocolate.
  • I want to give away what I don’t use. I like to think that there’s someone out there that would use and truly appreciate the things that just sit in my closet.
  • I want to put my phone down more. It’s time to delete a lot of very unnecessary, time-sucking apps.
  • I want to spend each moment intentionally. Less internet browsing, tv-watching, list-making. More being present.

Who’s in?